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Fear The Dark

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10 years passed since DHK was founded by {{DHK}}HolyLord and {{DHK}}Bartholo. Today, SHC Community is focused in GameRanger, as last bastion of SHC Multiplayer. Thanks for all members for being a part of Best Clan in SHC History. Unbeliveable. Unforgettable.
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The Best In The Game

2005 - 2015


--- Period of Inactivity ---

2011 - Now

June, 2011 - DHK Wins the battle for Great Britan

In Battle of the Kings, DHK Owned X-CON leaders easily, to capture the territory of Great Britain:

DHK: 1                    X-CON: 0

Geralt (Stempel) is Kicked from DHK

Seems like he only wanted to be trained by The Best.

No AKA dirt allowed in this clan.  Maybe X-CON will allow him in their clan.    

DHK Azura is Kicked from DHK 

For being a piece of trash.

- 6/11


Mr. Tamy is kicked from DHK

{{DHK}}ADO-YUG: hah
<< [X-WAR] xXx BlacksKy joined the room >>
[X-WAR] xXx BlacksKy: hi
{{DHK}}HolyLord: hi
[X-CON] Ares: hehe
[X-WAR] xXx BlacksKy: 2v2 game ?
{{DHK}}Arm@: ok
{{DHK}}Arm@: nvm
{{DHK}}Arm@: tamy
{{DHK}}Arm@: you are kicked from DHK
{{DHK}}Arm@: good luck
{{DHK}}Mr.Tamy: lol
<< {{DHK}}Mr.Tamy was kicked from the room >>

April 28th, 2011

 DHK Website Updated.


The End.

- {{DHK}}Bartholo
"The Best"

- {{DHK}}HolyLord

- {{DHK}}Arm@
"Mess with the best, die like the rest."

- {{DHK}}Hampton
"Eternal Greatness"

- {{DHK}}Killa
"To be the best, you have to beat the best."

Semper Fidelis.
Sanguine DHK.


December, 2010

DHK is celebrating its 5th Birthday! Since 2005 We have provided the highest level of SHC Gaming.
Stay Tuned for more News!


Lobby has been opened, at GameSpy, also GR still has a SHC lobby active.
Prepare for DHK's birthday in 2010

Azura is EGGBALLED from DHK.

- @

A member of the SHC Community has left us,
(LT-U)J@kubas has departed this transitory life (he's dead).

His legacy as a true expert in Stronghold: Crusader was known to all,
Never gone, never forgotten.

"Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names."


Dr. Joint is kicked from DHK.

-  Arma

Russia Captured!

Powerfull Hordes of DHK captured Russia. Where our expansion will continue? Nobody knows, but glory, as it used to remains in DHK hands.

Stay Tuned For next DHK Crusade News


DHK is dominating the Battle Of The Kings tournament!  Enemy after enemy, clan after clan falls under the onslaught of DHK's forces.  The board is set; DHK is moving; the next battlefield for DHK will be at Russia. 

The map of DHK's ownage can be seen here:


Lusenrad (398125) is kicked from DHK.

Reasons include:
He is a quitter.
He is a noob.
He is a liar.
He is a loser.
He is a fool.
He is a cheater.

Cheater screenshot:
Cheater screenshot:
Retard Screenshot:


LuIs7 is kicked from DHK with immediate effect.

Amidst the eternal waves of time
From a ripple of change shall the storm rise
Out of the abyss peer the eyes of a demon
Behold WarriorWithin, with wings of black sheath
The demon soars through the dark skies
Fear and Death trail its shadow beneath
Until Men united wield a hallowed sabre
In Final Reckoning, the beast is made new
As the demon approaches, man turns on man.
Its own blood, and madness soon cover the earth.
From the depths of despair awaken Dracula.


Return -- 2/12/2010

~ The Best Of Crusader ~

1/27/2010 - A new website has been released today.  It is an archive of the best players of all time, as well as the best players of recent times.  There are forums in which current active players can contribute their opinions, suggestions, and ideas, as well as talk about their agreements and disagreements about the various lists on the website.

Click Here to Enter ..
 ~ The Best Of Crusader ~


Crushing Victory!

{{DHK}}HaCKeTT defeats both TGC Leaders in a single tournament. 

I have a special message from Hackett to give you both, just to make you feel better.

To Dingo:  It's ok, you gave your best.  Better luck next time.

To T-Bag:  It's ok, your best just isn't good enough buddy.  If you ever need some training, hit me up on GameRanger.

And now the pictures.

^^ HaCKeTT vs Dingo

^^ HaCKeTT vs T-Bag


DHK and N2N leaders CRUSH the leaders of TGC in a 2v2.   The first battle of the war has been won.  The rest are sure to follow.


DHK is extending its hand.

After months of TGC being an annoying pestilence clan, the council of Stronghold: Crusader has met, and has decided to declare war on TGC.  DHK will follow with this decision.  War it is, however short it may be.
For more information, see N2N website


~ The Best Of Crusader ~

1/27/2010 - A new website has been released today.  It is an archive of the best players of all time, as well as the best players of recent times.  There are forums in which current active players can contribute their opinions, suggestions, and ideas, as well as talk about their agreements and disagreements about the various lists on the website.

Click Here to Enter ..
 ~ The Best Of Crusader ~


Happy New Year For All DHK Members. 5 years passed since we are together. I would like to say thnx to our immortal Leaders: HolyLord and Bartholo. Without them we couldn't be the same clan as we are. Thnx and keep up the best game.



DHK Celebrating our fourth birthday. Since 2005 we are the most powerfull, impressive, and simply the best clan, that ever appeared on SHC Arena. Best is yet to come, and DHK will provide the best playing in the future, in 2010 year and the nexts.

The BEST In The Game


Last days we Had an huge activity jump, positive of course. In DHK we have now New Members. {{DHK}}Captaincoguar, {{DHK}}$ophistic@te, and old new -  Tha~Gangsta. This isn't end of Glory of DHK - The Best Clan From 2005 - Nowadays. Stay Tuned

DHK - The Best In The Game


Due to unactivity of some of our Members, DHK Recruting is opened once and LAST again. If you want to join, Write at gsa to HolyKing, HolyLord or Bartholo. You must to finnish one test to by DHK Trial Member. for More Recrutation Info. We accepting only the most skilled players.

Stay Tuned For DHK News.


Nowadays we are heared many things about the DHK Royal Members Like HolyLord.
People all around the Lobby dissing DHK for something that they call " Cheating".
We proved not once what Professional Gaming Means.
Stay Tuned For DHK News


Few Players rejoined us, some become Active, We Are Still Strong, quality and quantity is how DHK Goin.

Respect and Greetings For all DHK Members.


As you can see, the site is updated a little bit.
We continue to be on Top of Gaming
Recruting is still closed, but if you are sure that you are very good, ask HolyLord, Luis7 or HolyKing on GSA.








DHK won the last 1v1 event... again...

The Best ~


Maybe we should just stop playing and give others a chance?

DHK won the last 2v2 event... again (again).

The Best

DHK won the last 1v1 event... again...

The Best In Game

DHK won the last 1v1 event...

The Best In Game

DHK won the last 2v2 event.....

The Best In Game

Once again... DHK gets the gold in the recent 1v1 tournament.....




† The Best In Game †


1 Year.  9 Events. 7 Wins.

Yep, DHK makes it 7 for 9, thanks to Arma and yours truly, who defeated every opponent in our way, gx, x2x, bk, dks, and others.  Not to bragg but... 

DHK is the:

† Best In Game †

Wow, this is getting old....

DHK wins another event, making it 6 times in a row....


                       Congratulations Viktor, MatiKIng and Arma!

    {{DHK}} Members prove once again who is The best in the Game .They  completely dominated yesterdays's unofficial SHC 1v1 Event hosted by another great DHK member "{{DHK}}SkyDragon"."{{DHK}}Viktor-]231[-" (Event's winner) beats in final  "{{DHK}}MatiKIng" also "{{DHK}}Arm@" get 3rd place.For more informations check the event's page  by clicking HERE




Torture Page Updated


The DHK Torture page is back!!! You can enjoy it's contents by clicking HERE.

Another Win For DHK


Congrats to Tiger for being a great parter in January's 2v2 event and making DHK bring home the gold medal for the 5th time in a row, proving once again that DHK is truly:

† The Best In Game †

Congratulations {{DHK}}HolyLord


Congratulations once again to HolyLord, who brings home the gold to DHK for the 5th time, and giving DHK a total of 7 VIPs in 2006( total 10), more then any other clan. We prove ourselves once again by dominating the competition.  We have showed everyone that DHK wins tournaments even if we have only 1 member joining.  Also, a special thanks to =]K@W[=Warlord for an AWESOME performance with Holy in this event.  This is warlords 3rd 2v2 VIP, the other 2 being with Luis, this event can be viewed at:

Some may challenge us, or say they are better then us in many different ways.  However time and time again we have proved these people wrong.  Being owned in game and in lobby doesn't seem to teach them anything, but the facts are facts, no matter what they might think.  DHK has sweeped aside everyone in its path, and we have brought this game to the next level.  Our skills in gaming have brought Stronghold: Crusader to the next level, a level beyond the imagination of our oppenents.  Together DHK Remains.... 

The Best In Game


 Congratulations {{DHK}}Dracula

Once again DHK proves it is the best, winning multiple consecutive VIPs and tournaments.  The recent 1v1 event on 8/26/06 was won by {{DHK}}Dracula, who beat many players from some of the big clans in SHC: G$W, X2X, etc.  Congratulations Dracula, and congrats to Holy as well for winning the 1v1 event before this one.  This shows that DHK is not just the biggest clan in SHC, it also has the best players.

The event can be viewed here: 


Congratulations {{DHK}}HolyLord


Congratulations {{DHK}}HolyLord on winning the 1v1 event for July.  This marks Holy's 4th VIP, and DHK's 5th VIP of 2006.  DHK has risen up above the rest.  In 1 year we have dominated the Stronghold: Crusader lobby.  DHK will continue to be on top of gaming.

DHK Recruiting is now CLOSED


Due to the fact that DHK is the biggest, strongest, best, and most elite clan, with the best players, we are closing any addition recruiting.  We have already proved ourselves to be the best and biggest, quality and quantity- the best combination.  If you still want to join, and think you are cut out for DHK, you will have to pass several requirements until recruiting is once again opened, to join, speak to either HolyLord, Bartholo, or a DHK member, who will contact Holy or Bartholo about you.


-   "-::HL::-"

© 2005 All Rights Reserved.

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